Getting started

Before we start coding, let's look at how to download and install Famous so you can develop on your local workstation.

If you'd rather dive in first and learn about setup later, skip ahead to the Hello Famous section.

Carousel Seed Project

For simplicity, we've provided a Carousel Seed Project that you can use to follow along with the lesson. Run the following commands to clone and setup the project:

$ git clone
$ cd lesson-carousel-starter-kit
$ npm i
$ npm run dev

The app will be running from a local webserver at localhost:1618.

Following along

In the lesson-carousel-starter-kit repo, we’ve created individual branches for each of the steps in the lesson. Simply git checkout the branch whose step you want to look at, and then open the project in your favorite text editor. The branches available are:

Before moving on to the next step make sure you are on the branch for the first step by entering:

$ git checkout master 

Note that the code snippets shown in our examples here might differ somewhat from the code in the repo. We will be working out of the src/carousel directory.

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