Famous Engine API Documentation

Famous is a platform for building user interfaces. It's written in JavaScript and features high-performance rendering capabilities across both DOM and WebGL. Included is a fully integrated 3D physics engine and a handful of other utilities for UI creation. To get started, follow the directions listed here: http://famous.org/get-started.html »

Famous was built from the ground up to bring 60 FPS animations to any screen. Because it's rooted in web technologies, Famous applications can go anywhere: browser, device, jumbotron. Famous' internal architecture takes inspiration from AAA game engines, breaking out of document-based UI limitations with a full fledged scene graph that developers can access at a low level.

Understanding the scene graph is key to understanding the Famous platform. In Famous, all display elements are associated with a render node which can be decorated with visual characteristics such as size, rotation, position, and style. Render nodes are maintained by Famous as vertices in a tree data structure. Its hierarchy is used to group visual elements and apply additive transformations.

Learning resources

This API documentation is geared toward experienced developers who want to build applications with the low-level internals of the Famous engine. If you'd like to learn Famous at a more conceptual level first, head over to our learning portal which includes a variety of resources for beginners and experts.